Said Akl (1912- )

A great poet who joined in his works classicism, romanticism, and symbolism in an individual style of writing founded on a pyramid of originality, innovation and aesthetics.

His prose is known for its ingenuity. He is to Lebanon a symbol of splendor, joy and pride. He worked as a teacher and journalist and called for the adoption of the Lebanese colloquial language in Latin letters, which he used to publish Yara (poetry) and Lubnaan (newspaper).

He is the founder of the party of Al Tabadou-iyyah Al Loubnaniah (The Lebanese Genius) and co-founder of the Front of Freedom of Man.

He set up a prize in his name for outstanding talents. He has written many works on theology, patriotism, politics, philosophy, poetry and arts in general.

His poetical works include Rindala, Ajmalou Minki? La. (More beautiful than you? No.), Ajrass Al Yasameen (The Jasmine Bells), Kitabou Al Ward (The Book of Roses), Doulza Qassa-ed Min Daftariha (Poems from her Notebook), Kama Al A-Mida (Like Pillars), Nahtoun Fi Al Daw’ (Carving in Light), Sharar (Sparks)…

He has written three plays in poetic form: The Daughter of Jephthah, The Magdalena and Cadmus.
His published prose includes Loubnan in Haka (If Lebanon were to Speak).

He has also published a number of lectures and articles

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  1. thanks for the information about Said Akl. it’s a big help for my report about poets of Lebanon. i just hope i can find his poems coz i need it too.


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