Adopt a cedar tree


The forest is the mother of ancient deep rooted cedar trees which were stated by Prophets as well as they were referred to in the Holy Bible and in legends. There are numerous legends and tales that have been emerged. Some tales let human beings wondering and living a conflict from one hand and asking questions from the other hand. Among these tales of different purposes and sources, we will mention particularly those relating Cedar forest with sacred behavior and faith

Adopt a cedar tree with the help of, and in return every godfather has a card determining the cedar’s site and type, the name of its owner and the cedar’s photo. You can give any name of your choice to the cedar tree and among other things the godfather gets a follow up to all activities carried out.

Dr. Antoine Emile Khoury Harb: Lebanon, A Name Through 4000 Years

From the Daily Star, February 2004

Dr. Antoine Emile Khoury Harb, ph.D in history and archaeology, secretary general of the Fondation du Patrimoine Libanais, is an authority in the history of the Lebanese people and patrimony. In 2000 he published his doctoral thesis, a research aiming to verify that there is such an entity as Lebanon and to define it, in Arabic. Recently, thanks to the initiative of the AUB Alumni Association in the US, the book has been translated into an English edition: “Lebanon, A Name Through 4000 Years: Entity and Identity”. The Association had seen with desolation the US government questioning Lebanon’s identity and right to its territory, and saw in the book a highly important document to set things straight. Five hundred copies of the English edition were mailed to US congressmen this New Year as a proof that Lebanon is hardly the “geographic mistake” Kissinger claimed it to be.

Undaunted by the torrential rains, a handful of history lovers made it to the Convent of the Franciscaines in Badaro on February 16 to listen to Harb presenting an overview of the material of his book.
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