Les Racines Du Nationalisme Libanais

Jawad Boulos

J’ai à vous parler, ce soir, des racines du nationalisme libanais, ou, plus exactement, des fondements réels de la nation libanaise.

Outre sa complexité, ce sujet recèle des points délicats qui, faute d’être objectivement traits, laissent subsister dans le pays un vague malaise. Aussi, dans notre présente causerie, apporterons-nous à l’examen sommaire de cette question une objectivité scientifique rigoureuse.

Pour mieux comprendre la question qui nous occupe, il convient, tout d’abord, de définir le mot nationalisme. En second lieu, pour savoir si la nation libanaise existe réellement, il importe, au préalable, de définir la nation en général, dans le sens moderne de ce terme. En troisième lieu, nous montrerons que la société libanaise actuelle constitue effectivement une nation moderne. Enfin, nous verrons que la nation libanaise actuelle n’est pas une création artificielle ni récente, et que ses racines ou origines historiques plongent dans le fonds d’un très vieux passé.

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Five Important Phoenician Contributions to Western Civilization



Anthony Hopper, Yahoo! Contributor Network

Phoenician communities started appearing along the coastlines of modern day Syria, Israel, and Lebanon around 3000 B.C. Beginning with Byblos, many of these settlements gradually developed into urban trading centers. This period began in about 1500 B.C., though Byblos had attained city status before that time. Over the next few centuries, the Phoenicians developed into adept traders whose ships plied the whole of the Mediterranean and beyond.

They established colonies in North Africa, Spain, Italy, and other places along the Mediterranean coast. The Phoenician city-states’ power and influence waned in the latter half of the first millennium B.C., but not before they had made important, lasting contributions to Western civilization.

Here are five important Phoenician contributions to Western society.

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Phoenicians- Lebanon’s Epic Heritage

Just released December 2005

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The author, Mr. Sanford Holst has spent 30 years of research working on this book. A donation will be made to charities in Lebanon for every copy sold. Below is the introduction by the author, table of contents and other information about the book. Order your copy and a copy for a friend. This will make a perfect gift for the holidays or for any occasion. The book is excellent and is a must read

The Phoenicians rose to fame on the shores of Lebanon, and became the masters of sea trade around the ancient Mediterranean. They accumulated wealth and knowledge at a fabulous rate, but hid it all from view. Publicly adventurous, highly skilled and diplomatic, they were privately lovers of inspiring art, luxurious homes, and the beauty of nature.

This saga is not just about battles, monuments and papyrus scrolls. It is about flesh and blood people who emerged from the cedars of Lebanon in 6000 BC, experienced the desperation of numerous defeats and the euphoria of many triumphs, and whose descendants still live today. Now, for the first time, read the full story of these remarkable people and the rise of Lebanon.

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